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Our Story

In a world where our day to day life continues to become more stressful, and opportunities to pursue our hobbies, travel, take care of ourselves and be involved in our community are becoming increasingly scarce, people are seeking ways to simplify, pare down and minimize excess noise in order to focus on the things that really matter.

Overton Workshop was created to serve these people.

Overton Workshop Represents a Lifestyle

Those who strive for a simplified life, for more time to play, and less time spent searching for ways to serve their basic needs.

Functional Wardrobe Solutions

Our brands offer function wardrobe solutions, for those who ask for their apparel to serve a multitude of needs. From a casual day at the office , to a mountain trek; from a visit to the corner coffee shop, to a Saturday morning yoga class; we have you covered.

Tangible Experiences

Tangible Experiences

We care about living life to the fullest. For us, that means experiencing what life has to offer by building community, visiting new places and immersing ourselves in tangible experiences. Our goal is to provide opportunities to get out and explore, enjoy the outdoors and give back to yourself. Our travel experiences provide just that.

Building a Community

As a workshop, we are ever-evolving, collaborating and seeking feedback. As part of our community, we invite you to explore, experience and contribute to the Overton Workshop lifestyle.

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